Authentic marmalade from New Zealand

Fresh from the Langdale Homestead in Wairarapa, New Zealand, Marmalada is putting a twist on the humble marmalade.

Marmalada – a potted history

When English Explorer Walter Scott ventured to the Antarctic and New Zealand mountaineer, explorer and philanthropist Sir Edmund Hillary scaled Mount Everest marmalade accompanied them on their expeditions. Even James Bond has a hard boiled egg, toast, jersey butter and marmalade for breakfast with very strong coffee. Marmalade began more than 2000 years ago as a solid quince and honey paste. It was used both as a preserve and as a digestive remedy. The Portuguese took it up replacing the honey with sugar and calling in “marmelada”, which derives from the Portuguese marmelo or quince.

Awarded and praised

In March 2017, Marmalada won two Golds at the World Marmalade Awards, an esteemed international competition held at Dalemain in the United Kingdom for their Tangelo with Star Anise and Lemon and Peach with Bourbon marmalades. Marmalada also won a Silver for their Grapefruit with Dark Chocolate marmalade.



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